a tiny world filled with mountains and frogs

Scale each mountain completing routes for the local climbing club
to unlock exciting upgrades!

Restore signal to the area of valley peaks by placing radio towers
 atop of each mountain in the area!

Meet the inhabitants of Valley Peaks along the way!

Who is Tub Club?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of  Abertay graduates who love creating quirky and atmospheric experiences.
We have worked together for over 6 years on a variety of projects including multiple award nominations and freelance work.

What is Valley Peaks?

Valley Peaks is a first-person adventure game with a unique climbing mechanic.
You have been tasked to scale each of the six mountains in the area of Valley Peaks and place radios upon them to provide signal for the inhabitants.

Whilst the goal given by your company is clear, there is plenty more to do in the world of Valley Peaks! The local climbing club will provide you with rewards for completing mountain routes in the area. Once you have completed a stamp card you can trade it in for one of three upgrade gadgets.

Other activities include:

100 golden mushroom collectables!
Speak to a cast of over 80 unique frogs!
18 climbing routes!
13 music tracks!
6 different rock types!
Two mini-games!
3 unique upgrade gadgets!
Shop system!
In-depth settings menu with a focus on accessibility!